About Miriam


“I have always been a passionate about clothing, drawing, line and color. I have always had a desire, to combine everything, as a form of expression, of communication with my environment. I began to act on the fabrics, to draw and paint directly on them and after that using serigraphy or digital printing with my drawings as the main element (value) and as a tool to communicate thoughts, passions or feelings and to reflect them in the garment.”


Miriam Ocariz has a Degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design. From 1998 to 2010, she was usual at Gaudí Barcelona and Cibeles-Madrid Fashion Shows. In the latter one, she received the LÓreal Award for the Best Collection in 2002. Her garments have been distributed in a significant number of countries and sold in some of the best international boutiques and department stores such as Colette Paris, Barney’s New York, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong or Isetan Tokyo. From 2004 to 2006 she was Creative Director of Armand Basi Women. In 2010, she partnered with HP FRANCE for the distribution of her collections in Japan.


In 2015 she takes a turn to go back to her origins. She returns to the drawing as the essence of her work and develops it in a constant experimentation, taking it to objects, garments, fabrics and accessories, with the idea of developing progressively new ones. In this new stage, she has held exhibitions in different Art Galleries where all the elements of her imagination coexist in installations that make up a wider universe than the ones she had been proposing in her previous stage.


Fabrics with prints of her own drawings, unique and exclusive, special care in the processes and use of good quality materials, timeless proposals, far from mass distribution and ephemeral use, looking for a sustainable balance between the industrial and the artisan.


Different contents will be shown, some of them oriented to sale and others with the sole intention of being shown and it will be in continuous movement and change. We will be continuously working on other products, proposals and content that will be progressively introduced.